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Database management system is mostly in business and various corporate sectors.It is the software that enables the companies to record data in the organized manner.Moreover, it also helps to store data and allowthe companies to recover and alter the data in the database. There are many kinds of database used by the companies in order to maintain their data in the structure form, which includes, Microsoft access, SQL server etc.,and these servers allowthe companies to manage and control their data. (W3 schools, 2019)

This is the world of advancement, where everything works in a systematic manner, from production to the selling product, everything is systematic, which is possible due to the advancement and introduction of the database system. The database system plays a significant role in our daily life, for instance, the grocery stores where the owners can maintain the records of the inventories purchased and sold, in the hospitals where all the data can be recorded and maintained by using database.Hence, the data base management has made human lifeeasier.

Significance of the database management

Database management plays a significant role in different fields such as; banks use the database system to record and maintain the data of theircustomers, and customers can easily deposit and withdraw money from any branch, which enables the banks to work efficiently in the systematic manner. The database management system allow the companies to access the data from various locations. Moreover, it help the retailers to view the number of inventories and, allow them todo the pricing of inventory. The system allow the companies to distribute the data promptly and easily becauseit is anefficient systems and can delivertoo many users. Furthermore, it also used to get information of the stock market, and gives abundant knowledge about the financial world.Besides this, the database management also allow the companies to prepare various financial models to forecast their future performances. Additionally, the government also uses database information to collect data for legislations, corporates and etc. Database management has been used in many fields for examples, the health care sectors use thedatabase to access the information of their patients. Furthermore, the weather forecasters also use database management store and maintain the data, which helps them to predict the weather across the globe.  (liquid web, 2019)



The database management has become animportant requirement for corporate sectors.It offers the ways to access the information around the world, whether it is for business or for the health sector.It makeshuman life easier, due to which any person can get the information about any field.It also reduces the paper work for the corporate as every business can record the information about its inventory, and can also do pricing of the various products.Therefore, thedatabase is the real asset for the company, which makes the lives of the people calm and stress free by providing them the information from all around the globe.

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